Project Ideas

DVD Slideshows
Organizing your images into DVD slideshows is a great way to preserve and showcase your family photos.  Slideshows can be made from any combination of prints, negatives, slides, documents, or digital images.  You’ll want to go through your images, divide them into categories, and then put them in the order you would like them to appear.  A DVD can have multiple slideshows, with a menu button to access each one.  Your slideshows can also have captions, music, or even narration, and can include video clips as well as still images.

Custom Audio CDs
RJM can make high-quality audio CDs from your vinyl albums and 45s, cassettes, or reel-to-reel tapes. (Even 78s!)  Sound levels will be brought to the modern digital standard, and hiss, crackles and pops that marred your original recordings will be diminished. Rather than just doing a continuous burn, all of the audio will be divided into tracks, so each section or song will be accessible on any home, portable or auto CD player.

Packaging for your DVD/CD project is important, especially if you’ll be giving copies to family and friends as gifts.  You can help to design your box cover yourself, using some of the images that were part of the project, or you can let RJM design something for you.

Image Scanning & Restoration
RJM can scan your images, documents, negatives and slides.  They can be digitally cleaned, damage can be repaired, color and exposure can be corrected, and everything saved as a digital file that will no longer deteriorate.  Restoration of extremely deteriorated and damaged photos is a specialty.  All work is done in the digital domain and your original image is never altered.

Backing Up
Digitizing your project doesn’t necessarily mean it will last forever, unless you have backup copies. Once your audio, video or images are in the digital domain, it’s easy to create identical copies.  RJM can make backup copies of your projects, or you can easily do it yourself, even with limited computer knowledge.  Having a backup or two will ensure the longevity of your project.

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